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See Polymakers innovative and growing material portfolio below! Materials available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm

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Bringing new high quality and performance enhanced products to 3D Printing

Polymaker are one of the leading 3D printing filament and hardware manufacturers with a rapidly growing portfolio of materials. Committed to innovation, quality and sustainability; Polymaker do not simply adhere to the current standards but are market leaders for quality in the industry. With an eight step quality control process in place, all filaments that reach your door are guaranteed to have the best quality standards.

Polymaker are at the forefront, relentlessly developing new innovative and unique high quality materials for the 3D Printing industry, we are confident you will be able to find a Polymaker product to suit your needs.

3D Tech Supplies are the Official Exclusive distributor for all Polymaker products in Australia and New Zealand. Browse through our extensive and growing reseller list to find a store today!

Polymaker filaments are available in both 1.75mm and 2.85mm!

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Say goodbye to 3D Printed Layerlines with the innovative new Polysher smoothing machine! Learn more to see the smooth and glossy results!

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PC-Max PolyCarbonate

An optimized PC material for real world engineering applications, offering the absolute best in toughness and excellent heat resistance (above 110 ºC)

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PC-Plus PolyCarbonate

A special grade of PC optimized for 3D Printing with excellent heat resistance, high optical transparency and great mechanical properties!

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The PolyLite series of materials have been developed with printer compatibility in mind, making this pure material the perfect choice for your everyday 3D Printing projects.

PolyLite PLA

PolyLite PLA is a pure PLA designed for reliable printing, consistent performance, low odor, and above all, the amazing price.

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PolyLite ABS

PolyLite ABS is a pure ABS designed for reliable printing, consistent performance, low odor, and above all, the amazing price.

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PolyPlus PLA

PolyPlus PLA is a premium PLA produced with PolyMakers patented Jam-Free technology which leads too extremely smooth extrusion and no more nozzle-jams!

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PolyMax PLA

A favourite among prototype designers, Polymax PLA features increased impact strength of up to 9 times that of regular PLA and 20% better than ABS!

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A first of its kind foam material, PolyWood contains no actual wood, mimicing wood structuarly. With PolyWood you can achieve excellent print quality without the risk of nozzle jams!

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Designed specifically to generate support structures that are adequate to support the part being built, and yet extremely easy to remove afterwards PolySupport is easy to print and store.

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Compatible with Polymakers Polysher.
Smoothable, excellent printing characteristics, easy to remove support material, balanced mechanical properties & minimal printing odour!

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A highly flexible yet easy to print 3D printing material. Featuring good elasticity and a large strain-to- failure, PolyFlex opens up a completely new realm of applications.

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