PolyBox™ Edition II

PolyBox™ is a dry storage box designed to provide the optimum environment for 3D printing filaments. The PolyBox™ is compatible with all 3D printers and can house two 1kg spools or one 3kg spool.


Protect your filament - The PolyBox™ Edition II provides the optimum printing environment for 3D Printing filaments. Humidity is maintained below 15% to increase filament life span and to ensure consistent mechanical properties from the start to the end of the spool.

Easy Maintenance / Monitoring - The PolyBox™ Edition II includes a built in high precision thermo-hygrometer to allow the user to monitor the humidity and temperature inside the PolyBox™. Maintaining the PolyBox™ Edition II is simple with the included microwavable desiccant.

Safe / Low Cost - The PolyBox™ Edition II is incredibly safe and economical out of the box solution, requiring no cables / electricity.

Multiple Materials - The PolyBox™ Edition II can print with up to two 1kg spools simultaneously, perfectly suited for spooling multiple printers, dual extrusion printing or load one 3kg spool for longer prints or industrial users.

Compatibility - The PolyBox™ Edition II features six rubber exit holes, three installed in the base and three installed on the reversible transparent cover. With the PolyBox™ Edition II changing spools is as easy as ever. No matter how your printer feeds, the PolyBox™ Edition II is designed to suit your workspace.

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Polymaker PolyBox


Moisture content in filaments can cause a multitude of problems from inconsistent extrusion to poor surface quality and ultimately delivering a printed part with weak mechanical properties due to poor layer adhesion.

In environments with >20% humidity, water molecules are quickly absorbed into the filament forming polar bonds with the polymer chain. When the filament passes through the hot end the moisture rapidly expands, boiling and rupturing the filament. This causes bubbles in between layers, inconsistent extrusion due to material expansion and poor surface quality due to the fluctuating flow rate.

Materials such as PVA, Nylon and PolySmooth™ are particularly susceptible to moisture absorption, however other materials like ABS and PLA are also hygroscopic.


Desiccant type:
Silica gel

Desiccant specifications:
2*Desiccant sachets 100g

Supported filament spools:
2 spools ≤ 52cm (width) or 1 spool ≤120cm (width)

Humidity range:
10-99% (±5%)


10 seconds

Temperature range:
-50-70 °C (±1°C)

Battery specifications: