Easier to print functional and fun flexible material!

PolyFlex is a flexible material designed to be compatible with a large variety of 3D Printers on the market. Many flexible filaments only work with one printer model or extruder type, with this in mind, Polymaker set out to make a material that everyone can use. The biggest challenge with soft filaments is they can often lead to problems with feeding, as they can be too soft to generate enough pressure. A common compromise is slowing down the printing speed significantly, with PolyFlex this isn’t required!

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Features & Quality Control


PolyFlex features a “Shore A” hardness of 90-95A with a large strain-to-failure of over 400%. These are tested values from PolyFlex printed parts, not just figures on a page. With PolyFlex you can print cool functional or fun flexible parts with no worry about the part breaking!

Printer Compatibility

When developing PolyFlex, one of Polymakers main goals was to make the material easy for everyone to print. Flexible filaments are known to be difficult to work with, but now it got a lot easier! PolyFlex is designed to be compatible with almost all desktop FDM/FFF 3D printers and requires no hardware modification. PolyFlex requires no heated build plate and adheres to a large variety of surfaces! Printing PolyFlex is a smooth treat.

Flex-up Your Imagination

Printing with PolyFlex opens up a new dimension of what you can do with your 3D Printer. Print clothing, wearables, prosthetics, shoes, flexible hinges or whatever you imagine.

Uncompromised Quality

Polymaker are market leaders for quality in the 3D Printing Industry. All Polymaker filaments go through an 8 step process of quality control to ensure the filament that reaches your door meets the quality expectations of Polymakers experienced technicians.

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Settings & Downloads


Net Weight ~ 750g

Glass Transition Temp ~ N/A

Density ~ 1.17 – 1.24 g/cm3

Diameters ~ 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm

Tolerance ~ ± 0.05 mm
50 Microns
(Typical~ ± 0.02 mm )

Recommended 3D printing temperature
220 – 235 °C (Diameter of 1.75 mm)
220 – 235 °C (Diameter of 2.85 mm)

Recommended 3D print speed
30 – 90 mm/s

Recommended heated bed temperature
Not Required

Build platform
All our products work well with common build plate surfaces such as the blue tape, Kapton tape, glass, etc. However for the best user experience, we recommend that you use our materials with BuildTak™, a build plate surface designed specifically for desktop FDM/FFF printers.



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All Polymaker filaments are spooled and vacuum sealed in resealable plastic bags. Polymaker have recently started rolling out new packaging for all their filaments. This new packaging features a new transparent spool which allows the filaments colour to stand out and further complement the Polymaker logo. This new design will allow customers to easily monitor the amount of material being used.

This transition is still undergoing for some product ranges, so the packaging you receive may contain Polymakers original branding including their black spools. Rest assured you can be sure the products you receive are, and will always be, the same quality standard that you have come to expect from Polymaker. The product sheet Polymaker send with their new packaging is available to download.