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Polymakers PC-Max Polycarbonate filament vs 1000kg lift

Author: Matt Tyson/Tuesday, 9 August 2016/Categories: 3D Tech Supplies News, PolyMaker

Polymakers PC-Max Polycarbonate filament vs 1000kg lift

Polymaker are no stranger to testing their engineering filaments, earlier this year they printed our car jack design in PC-Max and successfully lifted a car!

PC-Max Car Jack test (Do not try at home)

This time PC-Max has a new challenger… 1000kg of the PolyCarbonate it’s made of! The crane hook for this test printed in Polymakers PC-Max PolyCarbonate with 40% infill. The purpose of this test was a visual non scientific tensile strength test to showcase the strength of PC-Max

The first test was a 750kg lift, PC-Max performed beautifully holding the weight of the bags effortlessly.
The hook first started to show signs of stress during their 825kg lift but PC-Max didn’t want to give up yet! 

We don’t want to spoil the results so we highly recommend watching Polymakers video below!


While 850kg was the killing blow, this was an amazing feat considering this crane hook was only printed with a 40% infill! You can imagine how well this crane hook may have performed as a completely solid hook with 100% infill. Could PC-Max come back to try a second attempt? We will have to wait and see! 

You can read more about PC-Max by visiting our PC-Max catalogue page.

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