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PolyMaker PC-Plus Strength Lift Test Video

Author: Matt Tyson/Monday, 15 February 2016/Categories: 3D Tech Supplies News, PolyMaker

Since their Kickstarter back in March of 2014, leading innovators PolyMaker hit the 3D Printing industry with a bang in the form of PolyMax, PolyPlus and PolyWood. That was almost 2 years ago and since then we have seen the release of PolyFlex; a unique flexible filament with PolyMakers famous Jam Free technology. PolySupport; a support material which can be easily removed from your 3D Printed parts by hand, and PC-Plus a new PolyCarbonate filament with increased mechanical strength which was released last October.

Since its launch PolyMakers PC-Plus PolyCarbonate filament has been a hit amongst the 3D Printing community. Aside from its increased mechanical strength, PC-Plus showcases fantastic heat resistance and aesthetic post processing capabilities.

With a spec sheet this impressive we know nothing speaks louder than an experiment visually showcasing these strengths.

Printed with PolyMaker PC-Plus you can see the jack was able to lift two concrete slabs which both weighed 120kg, together totalling a weight of 240kg. A truly impresive feat showcasing not only the potential for parts printed with PolyMakers PC-Plus but also showing the power of desktop 3D Printing.

Every week we are surpised by the creative applications people find for printing with PolyMaker filaments and we are excited to see what projects Australians print in 2016 with PolyMaker filaments.

PolyMaker PC-Plus and the rest of the PolyMaker Filament range is avaliable in Australia from 3D Tech Supplies resellers. You can see our list of resellers HERE!

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